Gamers like to record gameplays for several reasons. One is to be able to look back at their performance and improve their strategies. Another popular reason is to show off their adventures and skills to their friends and followers. Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and confident in applying what they know.

But Microsoft already provides an easy-to-use way to record a screen on Windows 10 or 11 with audio using the Windows Xbox Game Bar App. It encodes the files in ffmpeg format for MP4, H.264, GIF, and WebM formats. You can choose to include or exclude mouse clicks and keystrokes from the top menu. The recorded files can be viewed by clicking ‘Show all captures.’ Note that the Game Bar doesn’t support screen recording for desktop and file explorer. Sharing what you see on your PC is easy once you know how to record a screen on Windows.

If you have more than one OS in your system, you will be taken to a GNU GRUB screen after rebooting. This screen allows you to select which OS you want to boot. Some distros also let you try out the OS before installing it here. Well, apart from one, which is a watermark in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, which says ‘Activate Windows’. Any data you have on this USB drive will be erased as part of this process. Start the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool program, which is probably located in your Start menu or on your Start screen, as well as on your Desktop.

Windows 10 Screen Recorder Without Any Software

If all went well, you should now be able to boot from your USB Flash drive into a running Grub2 environment. Your USB device can now UEFI and BIOS boot from 32-bit or 64-bit systems. Supporting all three i386-pc, i386-efi, and x86_64-efi architectures. At the end of the installation, you should restart your computer in order to completely finish the process. You will now have to create partitions for root, home, and swap.

  • At the next choose the Windows 11 Edition that you want to install and click Next.
  • When the app opens, to install it, click Get.
  • But you won’t directly get a screenshot image after pressing the key.

It’s free, and it includes different capture and output options for several different screenshot keyboard shortcuts. Either method will save a screenshot to the Pictures\Screenshots folder in your user folder. Any time you want to open the screen snipping tool to quickly copy screenshots to the clipboard, just press Print Screen on your keyboard.

Capture The Entire Screen To Clipboard

The “Audio” section is also important if you want to capture the sound of the streaming video that you want to record. If you would like to add your own voice to the recording, you can set the “Microphone” option to “Capture.” With Snagit, you select the area you want to record or choose a pre-sized window. It also has a magic selection feature that can guess the area of the screen with the most activity and select it for you. You can turn audio on or off and specify if you want audio to come from the computer or your external microphone.

How To Record Desktop Audio On Mac & Windows With Obs

Once you take the screenshot, it appears within the window of the Snipping Tool. You can edit it , and save it as an image file in your preferred format and at your preferred disk location. Jane is an experienced editor for EaseUS focused on tech blog writing.